Your Fall Home Inspection Checklist

Your Fall Home Inspection Checklist

While we all hope the summer weather lasts into the fall, cooler temperatures are right around the corner. Drastic weather changes can spotlight vulnerable areas in your home, especially once the snow begins to fall. It is important to plan ahead, so follow this checklist to get ready for the coming months.

Window inspection

When the AC isn’t running during the summer, windows are likely to be wide open. However, as the temperature drops, it is important to check for drafts and cracks. This will ensure the warmth is kept inside the home and ultimately could help reduce costly energy bills. 

Properly store portable air conditioning units

In the warmer months, a working AC unit is one of the most important appliances, but as soon as the temperature shifts we tend to forget about them until temperatures rise again. To ensure that it’s ready for next summer, unplug it, thoroughly clean it, and store the unit in a safe, secure location.

Inspect heating systems

A home’s heating system is just as important in the winter months as an AC unit is in the summer. Have your heating system inspected to ensure that it is clean and in good working order? Do this sooner rather than later, as heating technicians can be in high demand and the repair could take a while.

Prepare home insurance

It’s important to prepare for any scenario that could impact the home. With PC home insurance, you can determine the best plan for your family. When you pay your premium with your PC Financial Mastercard you’re eligible to earn two times the regular points.

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