More is More – Make Way for Maximalist Décor

More is More – Make Way for Maximalist Décor

Maximalism is one of this fall’s biggest trends. It embraces bold colours and extravagant style, breaking the more conservative of decorating rules. Nothing is over-the-top when it comes to maximalism in home décor. From vibrant hues and layered textiles to fearless colour combos, Sharon Grech. Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares her tips on introducing this daring trend.

Colour blocking is done right. This wildly popular fashion trend has made its way into home décor and offers a simple approach to achieving a maximalist look in your living space. To do it well, Grech suggests working with the colour wheel to achieve balance.

Bright or bold colours really shine when balanced with softer tones in complementary colours. For the best of both worlds, try painting the walls or one accent wall in horizontal stripes with the softest hue at your eye level and the brightest below. This wall offers a perfect backdrop to patterned accessories or eclectic collections of wall photos or art.

“When painting with rich colours, it’s important to invest in premium paint to ensure your bold hue can stand the test of time. My go-to product is Benjamin Moore Aura paint,” says Grech.

Bold, but true to you. If painting all four walls of a room in a non-neutral colour seems a bit out of your comfort zone, choose other aspects to add that pop of colour. A boldly painted ceiling or bright trim and furniture can make for a more discreet yet playful maximalist look. To help you pick the perfect colours, Grech always recommends investing in a few colour samples and painting them on large boards. This will allow you to see how they look in different areas of your space, depending on the light and décor.

Playful patterns. Accessorizing is key to embracing the purposeful chaos of the maximalism trend. Look for elements that make you feel happy and lively, such as fun geometric prints, striking Art Déco pieces and glamorous statement floors. This trend invites you to embrace your more eccentric tastes, so take this opportunity to make bold, brilliant choices and be unapologetic about it.

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