Fight Fall Blues With a Brighter Home

Fight Fall Blues With a Brighter Home

Saying goodbye to long weekends at the cottage and summer travels and hello to darker, cooler days can bring even the most optimistic of us down. Fortunately, you can cheer yourself up with a few ideas for a sunnier home.

Update your color palette. Keep those summer vibes going with a cool and calming theme. Think crisp whites, cozy creams, and pastel shades of your favorite colors. Making this change can be easy and affordable. A fresh coat of paint, some throw pillows, and light-colored ceramics for your plants can work wonders.

Work your windows. You can transform your interiors into a sunny retreat with window treatments that let you harness natural light while maintaining your privacy. Whether you’re working with a tiny condo or a large living room, Hunter Douglas’ custom-designed window treatments can illuminate any space. Their Luminette sheers diffuse sunlight, spreading it evenly throughout your room to maximize daylight and reduce the need for artificial light.

Level up your lighting. Once the sun sets, you can brighten up your space by choosing the right lighting. Focus on areas that need a little extra lighting, like your reading nook and kitchen counters. Choose overhead lighting that produces a warm, homey feel, like chandeliers. And for spotlighting that’s still attractive, undercabinet lights, track lighting, and table lamps will be what you need. Make use of dimmers and energy-saving bulbs to achieve the right ambiance and save on your energy bills.

Deck out your décor. You can create an uplifting aesthetic with a few strategic items, like mirrors and reflective or metallic surfaces. If your style is more rustic or industrial, an oversized mirror with a distressed wooden frame leaning against a wall can serve as a focal point that suggests a roomier and brighter space. If you’re more contemporary, consider metallic legs on a side table or a glass coffee table. You can also add a chrome lamp base or cabinet handles.

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