Fall Closet Prep

Fall Closet Prep

One thing we all dread after a beautiful warm summer is the return of the cold. Start the transition and prep your closet for cooler days with these helpful tips.

Out with the old, in with the new. Be honest with yourself—are there outfits you don’t plan on wearing again? Were there any items you didn’t wear all summer, or items you packed that you should have thrown out? Then do yourself a favor and donate those clothes. You will appreciate the extra closet space.

Sort your seasonal wear. Balance is key when thinking of your fall wardrobe. Start to take out the winter items you will need, like scarves. And begin storing fall items that just won’t stand up to the chillier weather, like dresses and short-sleeved dress shirts.

Clean first, smile later. Your shoes should get a proper cleaning after all the use you have gotten out of them. You’ll thank yourself next year when you take your well-maintained pairs out of storage. A thorough cleaning or even a visit to the cobbler could save you splurging on new shoes.

After storing, steam. Your clothes won’t be in tip-top shape when you take them out of storage —wrinkles and stale smells are to be expected —but the power of steam can go a long way. Try the LG Styler, an innovative steam clothing care system that will refresh and sanitize your clothes, so your fall wardrobe is ready to go.

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